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A nutmeg (or tunnel or panna) is a technique used in football (soccer) or hockey, in which a player plays the ball through an opponent's legs. This can be whilst passing to another player, shooting or occasionally to carry on and retrieve it them self.


Performing a nutmeg is commonly seen as showing the opponent is lacking in footballing skill, and therefore amongst amateur players (particularly children) nutmegs are frequently tried so as to embarrass the opposition player and prove your own skill.

The player that performs the nutmeg would sometimes say "Olé!" In northern England the term nutmeg is often shortened to "megs" in informal use. For example, if one player nutmegs another, as he runs past to retrieve the ball, he may call "megs!".

However in other parts of the country, players have been known to call "nuts!". In the United States "meg" is frequently used as a verb.

In recent times, the Panna has become prevalent in the highly regarded Dutch Street Football scene. The Panna itself is considered an ultimate humiliation and competitions are held for people to Out-Panna each other. For this reason many regard Dutch Street Footballers as the best exponents of the Panna.

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